Alter’D is organized to challenge our minds. Most people have been taught what things are meant to look like or have a strong stand on what looks new and different. My Vine Design objects will appear as part or to replace our normal structured everyday life items.

Based on the placement of a source light, and intricate diverse angles, I was able to create different reflection scales and angles of the object.

The Object was too complicated and the shadow wasn’t sharp enough so I broke it apart and took more Images. The results were almost the same. I ended up choosing this vine as my final product because It allowed for more manipulation.


The parks and recreation piece, I decided not to go with silhouettes rather real images to give it more color and an emotional connection to us as humans. It’s better when we can see ourselves interacting with the piece. What I like the most in the piece, is the risk involved. it hangs from no-where which makes it feel like the ultimate danger zone. Imagine our parks or roads looked like that.

How does this make you feel?

Paris my love

Is this the New Trend in paris?


The delicacy of the third also good particularly when compared to the first because it seems a surprise for it to be so little that it can be supported by 2 fingers.

Large Scale Images

I used an expanded and edited version of the 3D image I took, place it in a large open City space.

The first image reminds me of the 1959 Sleeping Beauty by Disney, when Maleficent blocked the way to the castle with thorns to stop the princes plan.

The second image, I was trying to make the benches or vines come out of the building. Make the building look like a monster or part of a tree.

In the bottom image, the 3D object is supposed to be a spaceship. As you can see, everyone is looking up at that object in awe, some are even recording.

I refined the Image from what you saw earlier. In this version, I added more to the 3D object and distorted the object to make it more intricate. We simply wanted more vines and spirals!

The idea is to challenge our minds for people to see everyday items in a different way. The idea being some kind of a refresh or setback from our normal day prison.

Rina Onyeme

Design all things. Graphic to Spacial